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Inclusive Design and Accessibility Audits – Improving Diversity and Equality in the UK

Our industry-leading team of design experts is here to help organisations in a variety of sectors to promote every aspect of accessibility with a focus on accessible interior design. We provide accessibility audits and produce physical and social access standards and guidelines, as well as delivering awareness training and digital access support for staff.

We bring the lived experience of disability to every design challenge we encounter. The voices of real people are vital in developing inclusive interior environments for all. Empathy is a key component of our research, so we are committed to understanding in detail the unique perspectives of customers, passengers and other stakeholders so that we can build and curate experiences that empower people with disabilities and enable them to connect better with people and places.

Our design intersects technology, human psychology, and logistics, and is powered by collaboration between industries, experts and people. Having done this for 40 years, our experts are at the cutting edge of equality and accessibility in interior design.

Inclusive Interior Design

The goal of inclusivity in built environment design is to move away from a one size fits all approach, so that people can navigate public spaces with confidence and independence, regardless of age, or disability.

Whether we are working on projects for transport hubs, education establishments, shopping malls or exhibition spaces, we aim to create adaptable solutions, putting front and center the perspectives and unique stories of people who have disabilities. This is the best way to ensure that equality is put into action.

For each project, we take into account the big picture and the smaller details, such as width and height, adjustable equipment, and more visible signs.

Accessibility Audits

We work with private and public sector organisations to assess how accessible their spaces are for people with disabilities, highlighting any existing challenges that need to be overcome.

When we conduct an accessibility audit, we are there to find the possibilities and potential your space has to welcome more people with a range of experiences. We believe inclusivity and diversity benefit everyone, as it opens us up to a wider range of perspectives and experiences.

Once the accessibility audit is complete, we will share our recommendations, and we can work together toward implementing the changes needed.

Equality and Diversity Case Studies

Here are some examples of recent inclusive design projects we are proud to have completed for our clients in transport, heritage, and leisure.

Thinking Articles on Accessible Design

For more in-depth perspectives on accessible design and interiors, see our thinking articles. Discover the latest industry innovations and new things we are learning about equality, diversity and disability.

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