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A cornerstone of our approach at Mima is the ‘nothing about us, without us’ ethos. Our team is led and run by consultants with lived experience of disability and other protected characteristics under the Equality Act (2010). We pride ourselves on designing equitable experiences (both physical and digital) to those with permanent, temporary and situational impairments and access requirements, whether customers or staff members. 

We bring the lived experience of disability to every design challenge we encounter. The voices of real people are vital in developing inclusive interior environments for all. Empathy is a key component of our research, so we are committed to understanding in detail the unique perspectives of customers, passengers and other stakeholders so that we can build and curate experiences that empower people with disabilities and enable them to connect better with people and places.

Our industry-leading team of design experts is here to help organisations in a variety of sectors to promote every aspect of accessibility with a focus on accessible interior design. We provide accessibility audits and produce physical and social access standards and guidelines, as well as delivering awareness training and digital access support for staff.

Our industry-leading team of design experts and consultants is here to help organisations in a variety of ways to promote every aspect of accessibility and inclusion, our offer has a focus on 5 five key areas, these include:

- Lived experience user group recruitment and facilitation (pan-disability focus - physical, sensory, cognitive, multiple and hidden/non-visible impairments), or external, independent engagement with your accessibility working group.

- Design support relating to your accessibility initiatives. Previous projects we’ve worked on have included inclusive museum exhibit design, accessible lounge/facility development, and guest services desk design for both visitors and staff members with accessibility requirements. 

- Following an audit, creation of an aspirational Inclusive Design Standard or policy for consistent, aspirational and empathetic use by designers and contractors.

- Disability awareness and communication training for guest service members and other operational, front-facing staff.

- An audit of your own internal culture and inclusive policies, and support in improving inclusive recruitment policies and actions, operational strategies, and the provision of reasonable adjustments for staff members with additional requirements.

To find out more please contact our Head of Accessibility & Inclusion, Emily Yates (E: emily.yates@mimagroup.com)

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