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Design that connects us

We are a human-centred design agency.

We design services, experiences, products and spaces making them accessible to all.

We've improved wayfinding of spaces, made digital experiences more usable, designed high-performing workspaces and developed strategies for improving customer experience, to name a few. From transport hubs to hospitals, exhibitions and attractions to renewable energy, we solve the big challenges with a human-scale approach.

Design that connects us

We're experts in human behaviour and design.

Grown over decades to inform our design of services, products and experiences, wayfinding strategy and other touchpoints where people interact with the physical or digital worlds.

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We design the world through the human lens.

Everything begins and ends with human behaviour – our needs, wants and motivations. By viewing even the largest logistical challenges through human eyes, we make it work.

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Because design connects us.

Our design, driven by human behaviour connects people to experiences, to places and to process.

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Our Clients

Design that connects us

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