Design that connects us

We design the world through the human lens.

Everything begins and ends with human behaviour – our needs, wants and motivations. By viewing even the largest logistical challenges through human eyes, we make it work.

Adam, a Mima team member, wears a blue shirt and has a red beard. He is smiling whilst communicating with a passenger in John Lennon Airport. The passenger has his back to us, and wears black with a black rucksack on his back.

Our Processes

Co-creation and co-design

Involving stakeholders in the design process brings a deeper understanding of needs & wants, better ideas and a stronger internal connection to the outcomes.

Research Led

We use research to make sure we are addressing the real problem and expand our collective understanding of that problem space.

Thinking end to end

Customers' experience of your business extends beyond the moment when they are in the building or using the product. We reveal the macro picture and show you their experience from A-Z.

Empathetic design

Our human-centred lens sees you through the eyes of your customer. Standing in the shoes of your customers is the first step to real insight.

Blending of our disciplines

Different design disciplines bring different skills and perspectives to a problem. In our project teams, we are always looking to take advantage of this and blend our designers & researchers to stretch thinking and create meaningful outcomes.

Evidence Based

We use the core tenets of ergonomics - physiology, psychology, experimental design - to bring a rigorous, evidence-based approach, to each and every challenge our clients face.

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Memberships and Accreditations

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