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Experience Masterplanning 

Experience masterplanning is a strategic approach to designing comprehensive, cohesive, and meaningful user experiences across all touchpoints of a product, service, or brand. It involves creating a holistic plan that considers every aspect of the user journey, ensuring that each interaction is thoughtfully designed to meet user needs and expectations while aligning with the overall business goals

Our services cover:

Vision & Strategy - Defining a clear vision and set of objectives for the overall experience. Aligning the experience goals with the business strategy and brand values.

User Research and Insights - we conduct extensive research to understand the target audience, including their needs, behaviours, and preferences

Journey Mapping - we create detailed maps of the user journey, highlighting key touchpoints and interactions. Identify pain points and opportunities for enhancing the experience.

Touchpoint Design - we design each touchpoint to ensure a seamless and consistent experience. Consider physical, digital, and human interactions, ensuring they complement each other.

Storytelling and Engagement - we develop compelling narratives that ties together all elements of the experience. We use storytelling techniques to create emotional connections and engage users.

Prototyping and Testing - we develop prototypes to test and refine different aspects of the experience. We use tools such as VR to conduct usability testing and gather feedback to iterate and improve the design

What challenges do we solve?

We have worked with our clients to solve problems such as:

  • How can we define and articulate the experience we want our customers to have
  • How can we get all of our team being a common vision and align their thinking and decision making? Can we have a north star to anchor everyone?
  • How might we bring insight into what our users want into the design process?
  • How might we re-risk our planning by getting a better understanding of the future experience?

Why work with us?

Experience masterplanning uses a blend of service design, human factors, inclusive design and behavioural design to create an experiential journey that is crafted from the viewpoint of each user type, meticulously designing every interaction—from entering the space and engaging with the service to creating unforgettable moments.

User-Centered Design: We prioritise the needs and experiences of end-users to create spaces, services and products that are not only functional but also delightful to use.

Data-Driven Decisions: Our approach is grounded in thorough research and analysis, ensuring that design decisions are based on real user insights.

Collaborative Process: We co-create with our clients, partners and end users, involving them in every step of the design process to ensure alignment and satisfaction.

Holistic Approach: Our end-to-end perspective helps us to join up the dots and create solutions to connect up every step of the experience.

Inclusive Experiences: we use our expertise in accessibility & inclusive design to create experiences for all

What benefit do you get from working with us?

Experience masterplanning maximises return on investment and future-proofs your projects. Here's why partnering with Mima is a game-changer

Inclusive Experiences: We bring lived experience and world-class expertise in accessibility, ensuring your design is sustainable and inclusive for future generations. This approach taps into the £274 billion spending power of the "Purple Pound" market in the UK alone.

Significant Cost Savings
: Our approach typically reduces change orders and post-RIBA 4 modifications, potentially saving millions in construction and renovation costs.

Future-Proofed Investments
: Our forward-thinking approach ensures spaces and services remain accessible, relevant, and adaptable, and increases long-term value.

Competitive Edge
: In a crowded market, our experience masterplanning expertise gives your projects a unique selling proposition.

Risk Mitigation
: Our evidence-based and human-centred approach significantly reduces the risk of design problems, reducing the risk of litigation and reputation damage.

Highlight Case Study – Experience Masterplanning


HS2 wants to set a new benchmark for passenger experience across transport systems.

Commissioned to research future passenger needs and develop the Passenger Experience Strategy, we led the development and vision for how HS2 will deliver a new benchmark in service quality for passengers.

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