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Ergonomics and Human Factors 

Human Factors and Ergonomics Design put people first.

Our work provides a structured, scientific and evidence-based approach. Using human factors in the design process provides insight into how different people will use or interact with the design solution. It builds interiors to meet peoples’ needs rather than forcing them to adapt.

Ergonomics design principles help us to adapt to the people that use facilities and public spaces every day. We consider the small details that can add up to an improved customer experience, money saved, and staff released from time-consuming trouble-shooting tasks. Convenience and ease of use creates a better perception of services that will keep people coming back.

Human Factors Design

There are five human factors that are intrinsic to the customer experience. Physical, emotional, cognitive, emotional and cultural. Our design processes take all of these into account when adapting key interfaces, products and equipment to the people who use them daily. When conducting initial research, we include real users, taking into account their feedback and perspectives.

This design principle yields the most results, as it promotes efficiency and seamless flow into every aspect, from the smallest detail to the bigger picture. Industries we work with to implement human factors design include rail, aviation, healthcare and larger retail spaces.

Ergonomics Design

Human-friendly design based on ergonomics design principles causes systems and processes to run smoothly and efficiently with minimal stress and frustration for both customers and staff. This is useful for spaces with high footfall, such as transport hubs.

Designed well, wayfinding signage and key touchpoints keep people moving in the right direction. The goal is simply to use and look at, but the in-depth research and insight work we complete for each project is what makes ergonomics design so effective.

Thinking Articles on Human Factors & Ergonomics

Human factors and ergonomics are revolutionising the way design is used in so many industries. In our thinking articles, we take an in-depth look at related topics and the latest industry innovations.

To find out more please contact our Head of Human Factors, Martin Freer (E: martin.freer@mimagroup.com)

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