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Defining Your Customer Journey

Mima’s approach is to start our research from a human-centred perspective very early on in the design process. This allows Mima to generate insights across your organisation on how you see things and more importantly, work through how the organisation feels.

We use these insights to build out an understanding of how you work from the inside out, creating visualisations, maps and diagrams, enabling you and your teams to see the relationships between different service components within your unique environment - people, products (physical or digital), and processes.

These are directly linked to your service offer and key touchpoints, but we help you see these from an end-to-end customer journey perspective.

By adopting a collaborative working process with you early on, we can build with you a series of service blueprints that map the complex scenarios you are trying to solve. It will give you a 360-degree view of your service-related offers.

The output from these processes and sessions together, will allow your organisation to gain a broad understanding of how your end users relationships all tie together, from your internal processes to your communication platforms.

We highlight what’s happening now, the ‘as-is’ including the gaps and opportunities where improvements can be made, while mapping ‘the future’, both short, mid and long term. We work with you and your teams to co-create a more holistic user experience, that allows an omni-channel approach to your service offer.

Our design-led processes, tools, and co-created outputs help upskill your teams to aid future growth, ensuring consistency and alignment across your business.

To find out more please contact our Head of Experience Design, Phil Nutley (E: phil.nutley@mimagroup.com)

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