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Wayfinding & Interpretation 

With a blend of science and creativity Mima’s offer has a focus on four key sub-services that weave together design, accessibility and human behavior:

Wayfinding strategy - Defining inclusive strategic principles, goals and opportunities, aligned to best practice standards

Information & signage design - Developing holistic design, including look & feel, product & graphic families and environmental solutions

Design assets - Creating a kit of parts and guidelines to support roll-out, whilst ensuring legacy, sustainability and future-proofing

Implementation support - Providing independent design guardianship and implementation support from tender to completion.

A central component of these services is a focus on strategic and design solutions that are inclusive, accessible and usable by all. We work as an integrated team with our behavioural design and accessibility experts which is a unique blended capability across the wayfinding world.

What challenges do we solve?

Our clients come to Mima to work through a range of problems including:

  • Our customers find our space confusing and, as a consequence, find their experience of visiting unsatisfactory
  • We find that our visitors don't explore all of our spaces/facilities/exhibitions but we don't understand why
  • We want to make our wayfinding system more adaptive by introducing technology but don't know the best solutions
  • How can we best showcase our brand identity but still have a wayfinding design that works for our guests?
  • We want to create a space that inclusive but are worried customers with disabilities won't have the same experience

By working in close collaboration with our clients, their design partners and the end user, we encourage co-design within our process, allowing us to develop wayfinding and interpretive solutions that work with the architecture, landscape, digital information, landmarks and other visual cues such as lighting and interaction with staff, as a cohesive, well-planned system. 

Our outputs create a carefully crafted solution that works harmoniously with the visual language of our clients' brands and the design requirements of the environment and deliver the functional need to help people find their way, whilst delivering an element of education and discovery.

We've tackled these problems for transport clients including High Speed 2 (HS2), Network Rail, Skyports, Red Sea Airport, Madinah Airport and London Gatwick. We also helped destinations improve visitor experience with clients including Royal Museums Greenwich, Tate, Motorsport Hotel Complex (Qiddiya), At Turaif (DGDA) Saudi Downtown Company and Madinah Development Authority.

Why work with us?

Our working approach has a focus on two key areas, Strategy and Design. 

We see the strategy as being a key component of the vision to help users find spaces and moments within them where they can pause, dwell, and make a connection to your site, its content and its brand. Wayfinding and Interpretation must help visitors find their way both from a navigational perspective but also in their exploration and discovery of your environment. Our strategy defines the digital and physical principles for naming, content hierarchy, use of language (including tone of voice) and pictograms, product types, updatability, the use of landmarks, response to the architecture and ways to help visitors simplify spaces with methods such as zoning, colour coding and numerical sequencing. By defining your strategy, we can create user-centred and inclusive design solutions that have been derived from real-world needs and wants, allowing us to avoid design by assumption.

Highlight Case Study – Wayfinding & Interpretation

National Maritime Museum

To support the opening of four new galleries opening in September 2018, Mima were contracted by Royal Museums Greenwich (RMG) to understand the holistic visitor experience, which would inform the development and design a new wayfinding scheme for National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, London.

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We use deep research, creativity, insight and expertise grown over decades to shape digital and physical solutions.

Our output is a carefully crafted solution that works harmoniously with the visual language of your brand but delivers the functional need to help people find their way.

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