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Wayfinding Design – Digital & Ergonomic Signage Design

Wayfinding is much more than just signs.

Wayfinding design works with the architecture, landscape, digital information, landmarks & other visual cues such as lighting, interaction with staff and other people all as a cohesive, well-planned system. Our output is a carefully crafted solution that works harmoniously with the visual language of your brand but delivers the functional need to help people find their way. We can adapt to challenges faced by a variety of sectors and industries, thanks to our 40 years industry experience. Our team are ergonomic and digital signage experts and are skilled at combining beauty with functionality and efficiency, to bring spaces to life.

Digital Wayfinding and Signage Design

A more inclusive, streamlined and intuitive customer experience is made possible with digital wayfinding. This innovative form of signage design brings the ideal solution to many of the common issues faced by large spaces with high footfall. Digital wayfinding, thoroughly researched using behavioural analysis and real world data, can boost sales, increase employee satisfaction, and encourage customers and passengers to keep coming back. In locations such as hospitals and train stations, effective signage design can increase wellbeing and mitigate stress. Thanks to electronic touch screen mapping, and interactive kiosks that help people get their bearings. Only the most essential information is used, so people are empowered to find their own way.

Digital signage design generates data that, over time, can pinpoint behaviour patterns, allowing you to easily adapt layouts and interfaces to match preferences and increase satisfaction. It creates a personalised experience that includes everyone and integrates with the different systems that make your space run smoothly.

Ergonomic Signage

Using ergonomics in our signage design allows us to fit spaces to the people who use them every day. For each client, we conduct in-depth research on the way people use a space, to pinpoint needs and requirements.

Ergonomically designed signage is vital for making spaces accessible in a way that empowers everyone to move independently. It ensures that foot traffic flows seamlessly around the location, so everyone who passes through gets where they need to be. In-depth research into human behaviour is fundamental to our design process.

Wayfinding Design Case Studies

Major clients such as Liverpool John Lennon Airport and Schipol’s New Pier have commissioned Mima for wayfinding design projects. To read more about the results, see our series of case studies.

Our Wayfinding Design Thinking Articles

Our thinking articles explore the latest industry news, discoveries and trends in ergonomic signage design and wayfinding. These eye-opening articles take a deep dive into topics including empathy in design, accessibility, and healthcare space design.

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