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We help organisations design their operation to deliver the best service to their customers. We bring a user-centred approach that unifies control rooms, operations and cutting-edge technology. Our team is a blend of ergonomists, organisational experts, service designers, interior designers and technologists.

We have designed over 400 control rooms across a range of sectors and throughout the world for clients including CERN, London Metropolitan Police, Abu Dhabi Police, Network Rail and Heathrow Airport.

We blend our skills and experience from a mix of in-house discipline specialists to provide rigorous advice to our clients to help them utilise their new space to deliver a best-in-class service. 

Our work is focused on the design of the physical space, but we also help organisations design their operation in a much broader sense. For example, we address how people collaborate and make workflow effectively, and how technology can be best utilised to connect the operations space to other components of the operation like customer-facing staff.

Our scope is often concentrated around the early design stages, where the concept is developed and the design intent fixed down. This is where our expertise has the most impact on clients looking for a rigorous rethink of how they set up their space. We commonly hand over design packages to the client project team as architects, systems integrators, or general contractors begin spatial coordination or technical design activities.

This can of course be varied to suit specific needs. We can for example be formally involved through detailed design, implementation, and into use via activities such as human-centred design reviews, site visits and the development of toolkits and training documents to upskill staff.

We use a co-design process to involve your teams in defining the detailed brief, developing the business case, and creating design concepts. This helps our team understand the detail of the challenges the design must address, and engages the operations team in the design journey, ensuring firm buy-in to the outcomes and enhanced staff experience in the new space

  • Some tools we use that help your team get interactive in the design process include:
    • movable scale cardboard models of rooms, furniture & equipment
    • 3D VR-based models for group walkthroughs
    • physical full-size mock-ups of features, furniture & equipment

The user-centred approach to our work naturally becomes embedded in the design and often influences future behaviour in operations teams, unifying control rooms, operations procedures and cutting-edge technology whilst championing the needs and preferences of your users and customers.

Highlight Case Study – Control Centre Design

Network Rail

Network Rail South East Route needed to relocate the Kent Integrated Control Centre (KICC), including 38 desk positions, within central London. The KICC is responsible for running the day-to-day operations and co-ordinating incident management in the Kent area of the railway.

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People – Control Centre Design

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Photo of Paul Reynolds

Paul Reynolds
Principal Industrial Designer

Paul has a broad range of experience in engaging end users in the design of complex workplaces. He recently delivered control room design work to Banedanmark for a major project in Copenhagen, and interior design advice to CERN for their main design office in Geneva. Paul holds a BA (Hons) in Industrial Design and Technology.

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