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Some organisations are too focused on solutions and fail to spend enough time really understanding how their customers think, what they need and what some of their problems might be.

Mima brings a human-centred lens to the problem space to fully understand the micro and macro perspectives.

Our work starts with research and with immersing ourselves in the viewpoint of the customer, passenger, patient or visitor.

The insights we gain form the basis for our subsequent work.

We use a range of primary research methods from ethnographic tools and contextual enquiry, to photo/video diaries, interviews and group discussions to dig deeper and unearth meaningful, actionable insights.

Often, we look to blend this qualitative data with quantitative data from market research or other hand-picked, verified sources.

We specialise in bringing that data and our insights to life through visualisation tools and storytelling. We can then hold a mirror up to organisations and show them the reality. Showing a video of a customer struggling to use a product or presenting stories from the mouth of real users is a compelling way for businesses to see what is really going on. We see this as the key step to unlocking the potential within organisations and creating meaningful and sustainable solutions.

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